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If you find yourself venturing near Fort Worth... make sure to stop by the Fort Worth Water Gardens. 


The Fort Worth Water Gardens are a modernist landscape of vortex like pools and futuristic angles. 
The park was opened in downtown Fort Worth in 1974. The area itself used to be known as "Hell's Half-Acre" as it was full of brothels and saloons. The Water Gardens were created to bring a new life to the area. 

A quiet meditation pool is surrounded by trees where waterfalls cascade down the walls, close by you will find an aeration pool that uses 40 nozzles to spray 871 gallons of water a minute! The mist from the nozzles create an illusion of a water bridge connecting one side of the walkway to the other. In the middle of the park is a "mountain" where terraced concrete rises up in a modernistic peak. 

The centerpiece of the park, however is the active pool, this is where thousands of gallons of water falls down a 38 ft. series of steps and platforms into a vortex. 

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