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The Dogwood Jamboree in Palestine, TX is a Branson Style music show for all ages. 

There are several shows throughout the year.. the first one this year takes place on March 17th, at 7 P.M. and is held at the Palestine High School Auditorium. 

"The DOGWOOD JAMBOREE is a Branson style Country Music Show filled with family fun, laughter and great classic country music from some of the best artists anywhere.  You will be thrilled as you recall some of the golden hits in country music being performed live on stage.  Our comedians always provide great comic relief.  Those who often attend the show on tour buses from all over the country say it is one of the best country music shows they have experienced and that it equals performances in Branson, MO.  These folk often make return visits to our city as we provide a "New Show" each time.  Bring your "youngest of the young and the oldest of the old and they will never be embarrassed."  Make plans to be with us for our next performance."-Dan Manuel, Producer/Director of Dogwood Jamboree


For more information about this event, and to purchase tickets..visit

This website also has information about future performance dates, videos of past performances, reviews of past shows, and driving instructions to the event.